WHAT WE DELIVER Don't hesitate to call, we do it all!! Whatever the size or scope of the job, Wiremasters delivers professional care. We do repairs or installations on ceilings ranging 8 feet to 38 feet. And if you need us to do so, we'll do the design as well. We can install a chandelier with one crystal or one with 1,000 tiny crystals.Or perhaps you need to remodel your bathroom completely or you want something as simple as troubleshooting a fixture in the den. We carry over 1000 parts on our trucks, which enables us to handle just about any job. image1 SERVICES WE OFFER LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Landscape lighting is an important component to compliment your outdoor living areas. We can help you design a lighting layout that will not only decoratively illuminate your landscaping but will also light walkways and step areas to ensure safety. SECURITY LIGHTING Security lighting is a vital deterrent to theft and vandalism. Police reports confirm that well illuminated homes and businesses are less likely to be a victim of robbery or vandalism. We can design a secure layout using specialty lighting controlled by timers, motion sensors or photocells for dusk to dawn operation. COMMUNICATIONS AND DATA We offer a full spectrum of communication and data design and installation services. From a simple 2-line telephone jack to a complex computer network system, from cable TV jacks to ISDN (Cat 5E) lines, we can accomodate all of your communication needs. We also offer video monitoring systems, which allow you to view areas around your home from any of your TV sets. We can also install a remote system allowing you to monitor your home or office from a remote site. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY We take pride in our ability to offer the homeowner the very latest in Smart Home Technology. From structured wiring systems allowing adaptability to current and future technologies, to systems allowing you to monitor and control functions in your home from a remote location, our staff is continually educating themselves with the latest technological trends. RENOVATION AND REMODELING Renovation and remodeling work can be one of the most difficult tasks a homeowner can undertake. Our Wiremasters team is thoroughly trained to guide you gently every step of the way. We work with many of the finest general contractors and interior designers in South Florida. KITCHENS We work with many kitchen contractors and can expedite your renovation by working closely with your remodeling company. We can also offer lighting and power design assistance. BATHROOMS Bathroom remodeling is one of our specialties. Let us assist you in creating the proper illumination that is so critical in a bathroom area. We can also suggest ways to properly ventilate your remodeled bath and we always insure that you will have adequate power for today’s bathroom appliances.



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