Since TAIYO YUDEN's inception in 1950, we have been engaged in the development and mass production of electronic components that meet contemporary market needs. Our core philosophy states that the process of product commercialization should start with material development. We currently engage in the research, development, manufacture and sales of products that include capacitors, inductors, circuit products, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)/Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator (FBAR) devices, energy devices and recording media. TAIYO YUDEN's products have applications mainly in information technology (IT) and electronics fields and are integrated into a variety of devices beginning with AV devices as well as communications and information devices such as smartphones and PCs. In recent years, TAIYO YUDEN has also been focusing on launching products in the automobile, industrial equipment and environmental energy markets. These markets are expected to expand and be an important part of our growth in the future. TAIYO YUDEN's business activities have been recognized and supported among our customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, employees and members of the local community, all of whom are collectively referred to as stakeholders. I have strong hopes that TAIYO YUDEN will also continue to further strengthen its bonds with our stakeholders and build mutually beneficial partnerships. As we strive for further growth, we have reorganized our management structure in June 2013. The TAIYO YUDEN Group will work in unison to improve our business structure and implement growth strategies based on TAIYO YUDEN’s proprietary technological prowess and capabilities cultivated since our establishment. In closing, I ask everyone for your continued understanding and support.