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Photon Lines Ltd was incorporated in May 2003, and since then has become an established scientific distributor with an impressive portfolio of products. These include CCD, CMOS and sCMOS based scientific cameras, streak cameras, lasers and multi-laser light engines, laser ultrasonics equipment, label-free live cell imaging microscopes, and acousto-optic devices for a diverse range of applications in bio-imaging, laser manufacture and fibre optic sensing. Our customers include the physics, chemistry and biology departments of world-leading universities, the Medical Research Council, CRUK, and government research facilities including the Diamond Light Source, STFC and AWE. Many blue-chip manufacturing facilities are using our high speed cameras and long-term recording systems; full commissioning and training of factory personnel is provided by Photon Lines Ltd. With sister offices in France and Spain, Photon Lines Ltd is able to call upon a pool of expertise in the field of photonics to the benefit of customers and suppliers alike. Photon Lines Ltd is ISO Accredited to comply with the Quality standard ISO9001:2015.

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