To meet the need for rapid ASIC deployment, PALTEK originally offered MMI PAL. In 1984, we introduced Altera CMOS PLDs and development systems to the Japanese market. Since then, we have created a full-support system to satisfy all programmable logic needs. In addition to comprehensive, individual technical support, we hold both introductory and advanced seminars to keep users informed about the relentless expansion of PLD capacity and usability. For customers pressured by ever-shrinking design cycles, we also provide up-to-date technical information, design support, and PLD programming. From introduction to development to production, we offer the total programmable logic solution. PLD-based ASICs are essential components in cellular phones, PCs, high-definition televisions, and countless other digital devices. Our technical support have been critical in the design and production of many of these products; close relationships with thousands of designers, engineers, and decision-makers in the Japanese electronics industry are the result of over a decade of such support. Our database of engineers and executives at all of the major Japanese electronics manufacturers currently holds over 100,000 customer profiles. Technical expertise and experience in managing this vast customer database have enabled us to pioneer new technologies in Japan. Technology leaders, interested in the Japanese market are encouraged to contact us.

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