Burisch Elektronik Bauteile Gmbh

We are an independent, private distribution and consultancy company for electronic and electromechanical components, as well as for UPS systems and are among the most high-performance providers in our field. Together with our subsidiaries in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Switzerland, we service the Austrian market, as well as the markets in our neighbouring countries. Our customers in the industry and trade sectors require electronic and electromechanical components to manufacture their products. In the field of capital goods, we offer our customers development, planning, installation and maintenance of UPS systems. Since 1949, our founding year, Burisch has been synonymous with reliability, partnership and innovation for more than 2000 customers in Europe. Both in times of economic downturns and in good times as well, Burisch has developed itself continuously and has always grown with the requirements of the economy. Thanks to our loyal customers, long-term supply partners and the innovative product portfolio, we number today among the most efficient private and independent companies in our area. Investments in new segments as well as our outstanding, innovative consulting work are the reason why 75 percent of our customers and suppliers have been partners for years despite the suddenly changing markets. The more closely you look at us, the more clearly you will recognise the subtle features that differentiate Burisch from other providers. Solidarity, relationship skills, friendship, a drive to excel and justified pride to be working with you – that is our world, and we sincerely invite you to join us.

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Austria Czech Hungary Switzerland

Burisch Elektronik Bauteile Gmbh In Austria

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+43-1-277 20-0 +43-1-277 20-6 LEOPOLDAUER STRASSE 29 A-1210 WIEN

Burisch Elektronik Bauteile Gmbh In Czech

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+420-516 418 726 +420-516 411 988 esb@esb.cz SVITAVSKÁ 23 CZ-67801 BLANSKO

Burisch Elektronik Bauteile Gmbh In Hungary

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+36-96-578-070 +36-96-578-077 IPARI ÉS KERESKEDELMI KFT. H-9200 MOSONMAGYRÓVÁR GÁRDONYI U. 8.

Burisch Elektronik Bauteile Gmbh In Switzerland

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+41-62-837 80 55 +41-62-837 80 56 POSTFACH 70, CH-5023 BIBERSTEIN