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Telsys Ltd.

Telsys Ltd. was founded in 1963 and since then, has become a leading force in Israel's Components market. Today, Telsys represents more than 20 major electronic manufacturers, including some of the biggest names in the industry. The company also acts as a stocking distributor for these manufacturers and others, and prides itself for keeping a large stock. Telsys, one of Israel's largest electronics distributors, focuses on Semiconductors, Subsystems, Passives, Connectors, Microwaves, Telecom/Datacom products and more. Telsys provides specialized services and expertises at each stage of a product's life cycle, accelerating and simplifying the journey from concept to market. Each product's journey begins with the technology innovations of Telsys' suppliers who introduce thousands of new components each month. Telsys' customers use this technology to design and manufacture products from home security systems to global telecommunications networks. With more than 45 years of industry experience, Telsys demonstrates the ability to be innovative and responsive to global business demands and requirements, working together with its customers and suppliers to ensure their business success.Telsys is an authorized distributor of great vendors for many years such as: Texas Instruments, IBM, Lattice, Mindspeed, Cirrus Logic, Molex, .Navman, AMCC, RAFI and more. Telsys' 70 employees know that they are obliged to fullfill the customers' expectations and provide their needs. Since "time to market" is essential to our customers, Telsys is committed to provide the quickest response in the technical and commercial arenas. This is achieved by a communication network and hard work. Telsys has ISO 9001 :2000 approval since 1997.

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Telsys Ltd. In Israel

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972-3-7657666 972-3-6497407 Atidim - Industrial Park, Bldg.3 Tel-Aviv 61431 Israel
972-4-8517933 972-4-8517935 121Jaffa Street 35414 Israel